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At Mainline Foods, our Chefs and Culinary Experts specialize in developing recipes for scale up. Whether flavor matching or creating a unique & custom formulation, your product will be consistent, high quality and delicious every time. Let our first-class R&D team help your vision become fully baked.


At Mainline Foods, we manufacture high quality food products for a number of classic and start-up brands. We focus on the quality and consistency of your product, so you can focus on driving sales in the marketplace. Check out Our Brands to see some of the brands with whom we partner. 


Mainline Foods has developed a unique ability to specialize in ready to eat, homemade quality food. From our Bakery to our Ready to Eat production, every aspect is specifically developed to allow for quality.



Mainline Foods is a food manufacturer located in Marietta, Georgia, providing research and development, private label manufacturing, co-packing and food consultation. Our mission is to develop and produce high quality, competitive food products that combine quality with unique food styles. Our products are distinctive, healthy, affordable and DELICIOUS. Our team is inspired by local, global and ethnic food styles that lend an artisan perspective to the most common of items. We employ highly qualified chefs and staff who take pride in their creations. With quality staff and quality food, we seek to please everyone that comes into contact with our company and products.



Goldbergs Fine Foods

Goldbergs Fine Foods is our most popular brand. Born out of the love for deli foods, Goldbergs Fine Foods specializes in a line of baked goods, deli salads and a number of extremely delicious frozen products.

Mainline Foods

Mainline Foods is a house brand. Stemming from the necessity to sell products to an array of suppliers, Mainline Foods is able to develop customized solutions to meet customer specifications for private label and co-pack needs. 

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